Contains an unranked Level 30 account on the EUW region. The accounts have at least 30 champions and honor level 2. Access to the original email is provided and the accounts emails are unverified allowing you to change the email to your own! The accounts are unranked and have never played a ranked game before.

All accounts are Smurf Mart are covered under a lifetime warranty that ensures safety for the lifetime of the account. Upon purchasing the account, the information will be sent directly to your PayPal email address via our automated email delivery system. Delivery times are instant 24/7.

Account Information:

  • Region: Europe West (EUW)
  • Level: 30+
  • Champions: 30+
  • BE/RP: Random
  • Delivery Time: Instant, 24/7
  • Unverified Email¬†
  • Access To Original Email
  • Lifetime Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

After purchase, you will receive the account details instantly by email. The username and password of the account will be sent to the same email address as your PayPal account.

To change the details you must go to the official league of legends website and go to your account settings. All accounts at Smurf Mart have unverified emails and are extremely easy to change.

We only take custom orders for requests of 60+ champion accounts. To make a custom order, please contact

Although you will most likely never need it, our lifetime warranty covers all defects, bans, or any other issue with the account that is made from our end. This is covered for the lifetime of the account. To submit a claim, please contact us or email

There is a huge misconception that account selling is highly restricted. This is completely false. We have never had an account banned for this reason. We can ensure you that your account will remain safe.

Please ensure your payment was processed correctly. Our emails are delivered instantly after purchase but may take a few minutes depending on your email provider. Please check your junk/spam folders as well. If you still did not receive an email after 10 minutes, please contact our delivery team at We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours (usually within 10 minutes if we are online).

If you have any further issues or questions, please contact:

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